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7 Easy Secretes For Getting A Hire Car Upgrade In Uganda


Worldwide, nearly everyone loves an upgrade as driving a fancy car is one way to make your vacation memorable and full of fun. For any need to get a rental car upgrade while on safari in Uganda, below are some important tips.

Ask for a better one

Asking for something you need does not have any harm. Remember if you don’t ask, you don’t get it! In case you need a bigger vehicle than the one you are provided or would like fancier features then ask what else they have available and how much that can cost. Higher chances are that you may land into that dream car even at no additional charges.

Haggle on an upgrade offer

Avoid taking the first offer, in case you are told a better vehicle is available but comes with additional charge per day then why not put your haggling skills to the test to see if you can find a price down little. In case you like the vehicle offered, but not its high price, then don’t fear to haggle, the counter staffs have room for negotiation.

Always be a regular

In case you love going back to a favorite holiday spot, higher chances are that you may have a great upgrade. Regular clients are always favored and it is good to also remind them that you once hired a car with them.

Be relaxed on the details

In case you get a bigger or better vehicle, you may have a higher deposit to pay and use more fuel. On the other hand, if you have purchased additional insurance, it should cover any car hire you need to drive.

Time it right

When it comes to car hire, it is usually about supply and demand. In case you get to rental desk late higher chances are that you may not find that dream car. Always try to be early enough at the counter and you will have opportunity to ask for upgrade.

Always be nice at the desk

Car rental staffs are humans and they are likely to provide a treat to friendly clients. Car hire is more like flights and hotels-a smile at a desk may earn you something better at the end of the day. What earns some people something better in most cases may not necessarily that they have that huge sum of money but how nice they can be at the encounter does. This means you should know how best you can conduct or interact with staff members.

Know the car groups you want

Car rentals usually come in groups and that said, different people have different car preferences. Depending on what your travel interests are in Uganda, it is important that you know which kind of is best for your trip.

Therefore, if you are planning to hire a car for a road trip in Uganda and you are wondering how best you can get car upgrade, the above secretes should be put into consideration.


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