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South Africa is the most visited of all the sub-Saharan countries, and with good reason. With a modern, westernised culture, sophisticated infrastructure, and good transport links, it appeals to visitors nervous about the less well developed African countries.

Cape Town’s stunning setting, combined with its reputation as one of the world’s great places to visit, has drawn millions to marvel at the iconic Table Mountain, visit the prison and Nelson Mandela Gateway on Robben Island, take a cruise out into the South Atlantic, or just sit back on the waterfront and sip some local wine.

The flat summit of the mountain is easily reached by cable car, and the views from the top are unforgettable if it’s clear. Unfortunately it does often have the ‘tablecloth’ on, the local name for the cloud that can hug the summit. Go early in the day, or on a clear cloudless evening, for the best views.

The city has a good cosmopolitan feel, with a choice of inviting restaurants serving locally caught seafood. Bars and nightclubs bring the city alive at night, and the open, airy feel helps preserve the relaxed feel.

Cape Town is also a great place to start a South African tour, taking in such highlights as the Kruger National Park and the Drakensburg Mountains.

South Africa safari planning

Planning a South Africa safari requires you to carefully think about the various aspects of your tour, such as your budget, length of the safari, month of travel and any other interest you want to follow.

The following five tips can help you plan memorable holidays in South Africa.

1.) Research – It’s important to conduct some research on your preferred destination and the safari experience you would like. Travel books and websites can help you gain insight into many aspects of your safari. Once you’ve gained an understanding of what to expect while on your trip, contact a travel agency and ask them to help you plan your trip.

2.) Budget – You should keep in mind that South African holidays usually cost more than most ordinary vacations. The cost of your trip will depend on the destination and the type of accommodation chosen. Your travel agent can help you come up with a budget that you’re comfortable with. The agent should also create an itinerary that meets both your budget and requirements.

3.) Luxury accommodation – Accommodation options in South Africa are of high quality, and so are all other facets of your safari such as food, facilities, service and amenities.

4.) Proximity to tourist attractions – It’s not a secret that a South African safari offers much convenience in terms of proximity to top tourist attractions and airstrips. This gives you shorter transfer times and more time to enjoy your safari.

5.) African Animals – While planning your safari, choose a destination that will give you a better opportunity to to see African animals, especially the ‘big five’ – elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino.  Your travel agent can advise you on the best time of the year to travel.