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Food in Africa

Of course each region has its own everyday and specialty foods, but wherever you go in Africa the chances are you will come across all manner of culinary delights that you are not familiar with.

From Kenya to the Cape , maize based meals are the mainstay, often formed into a kind of dough. Fish is also widely used, both from the sea, and the many rivers and lakes. Rice is common throughout the continent, and fruit is also much used in sub-Saharan Africa.

Many tourist areas offer ‘traditional’ local food at special evenings. In truth, there is often little traditional about them, but whether they are offering you ground sheep’s eyes as a condiment in Tunisia, or roast crocodile in Kenya, it makes an interesting addition to the cuisine you have sampled.

Hygiene is not always a high priority in Africa , and in many cases not a priority at all. Local stomachs are hardened to the conditions, but bear in mind that yours is probably not, and eat accordingly.

Tea and coffee are commonplace wherever you go, but vary in quality. As a rule of thumb, in the old British colonies tea is better, and elsewhere the coffee has the upper hand. Fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola are also easily obtainable in even the most remote places. Fruit juices are widely available, and local beers also feature in most areas.

South Africa has a quality wine producing industry, and in West Africa , palm wine is the local specialty.

One tip, which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be useful. Alcohol apparently kills bugs, so alcoholic drinks are probably the safest in Africa !