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Travel Information You need to Know When Planning to Visit Africa.

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Unless you’re fortunate enough to arrive on a cruise ship, or are planning to cross by ferry from Spain to Morocco , the only real way to arrive in Africa is by air.

The majority of flights are from Europe, although there are links from North America, Australia , and the Far East . The African airlines tend to offer cheaper fares, although can sometimes be less reliable and with less sophisticated aircraft. It’s also worth checking if your flight is direct, as its quite common for flights to route via one or more other cities to maximise profitability, and that can add several hours to your journey.

If you’re travelling to one of the areas popular with tourists – Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, Gambia, and South Africa – its worth checking out the charter airlines. They often have seats available in excess of those used for the package holidays, and are generally less expensive than the scheduled airlines.

Visa requirements vary from country to country, and depend on your nationality, and reason for visiting. Some must be obtained in advance, and others can be purchased on arrival. Wherever you plan to travel in Africa , ensure you check the relevant embassy website well in advance, and follow the instructions for your particular circumstances.

Airports in many African countries can be fairly basic, even those that serve capital cities. Allow plenty of time for connections if you have an onward flight or travel arrangement booked.