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Solo Traveller’s Guide To Hiring A Car In Uganda


Many people keep on saying that having a solo travel safari is always unsafe especially in African countries because of the challenges that can easily be encountered but to be honest there isn’t any place on earth that is 100% secure or safe.

However, hiring a car for a solo travel is the best option in Uganda because Uganda’s public transport system is not good and not reliable. For a visitor to have a perfect safari in the country, it’s better to hire a car for solo travel that can give freedom of travelling wherever and whenever one wants, and offers the opportunity of relaxing and having a memorable adventure trip.

Self drive safari has picked momentum and is becoming famous in Uganda, with many travelers wishing to drive on their own for better freedom and independence without a driver guide. Visitors’ numbers for self drive expeditions is on the increase but most of them don’t know the requirements that are needed to hire a car in Uganda.

However, here are some tips on what a visitor interested in a solo travel should consider when obtaining a rental car from a Ugandan car hire company.

Age of the guest: An individual to hire a car for self drive in Uganda should be of minimum age of 18 years. It is by law that all drivers in the country must be above the age of 18 years, and must possess a valid driving permit which shows that they are eligible to drive.

It must be noted that some car hire companies in Uganda even consider the minimum age of 21 years in order to hire a car for self drive.

Forms of payment: In Uganda, the accepted form of payment is either electronic payments, Banks or physical cash payments. However, most car hire companies in Uganda prefer cash form and banks to electronic transfers because car hire deliveries are normally done out of office. The other factor is that having electronic transfer system can lead to increase in costs of operations, because of high transaction charges.

Terms for returning the cars: In most cases, companies in Uganda consider location of the airport in the bid to returning the car after hours and having the procedures for early or late return. The visitor should always check the hire location when picking the car for exact procedure.

Most of these car hire companies are open from Monday to Monday for clients to get best service. The vehicles are normally returned to the location where it was picked unless if there are some special arrangements that the client and the company have agreed upon.

It is also notable that companies that are not located close to the airport always demand cars returned to the company during working hours.

The company’s kilometer policy: This kilometer policy or kilometer limits are set to cover the desires of most of the clients. For a visitor to determine the kilometer limitations from a particular destination, it is recommended that they begin the reservation process, followed by giving details of pick up location, dates of the car hire and preferably size and type of the vehicle, details like names, contacts are necessary in order to get prices and the kilometer limitations.

The car insurance and the protection offers: most companies offer some protection products that clients buy with the advantage of renting the car. Currently, some of the companies give Damage waiver, personal accident insurance, and the personal effects coverage.

Find out the paying procedures: In Uganda, most car hire business companies request for a deposit amount that varies with the chosen location. It is normally for reservation and chosen destination location. The dates and times and find more details from the car hire company and have your booking just right online. There is also provision of other additional needs for car hire like GPS, Child seats, among others.

Don’t forget that all the above are standard requirements for one to hire a car for solo travel in Uganda but still some rental companies have additional requirements depending on their respective policies.


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