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How to Find Reliable Car Hire in Uganda


A number of people love to fly into Uganda throughout the year due to various reasons such as visiting family or friends, safari holidays and vacations, trade or political engagements and diplomatic assignments. Similarly like any other country, one needs a very convenient, reliable and safety means of transport to traverse to different priority destinations. Even though there are a number of ground transportation means in Uganda including public buses, commuter taxis / coaches, special hire or car hire / rental services, getting a reliable and convenient means that perfectly fit your purpose of travel tends to be a hustle; but we are here to relieve you of the stress!

Every visitor wishes to have the most reliable and comfortable vehicle for hire to visit their different dream destinations or go on safari to Uganda’s famous national parks.

Our Uganda car rental services are a solution to travel associated troubles, for instance by relieving the stress of arranging, driving and unavoidable mechanical breakdowns or using public means that might be associated with delays and associated risks.

Our car rental services call to separate basis of traveling such as individual traveling, family or business. Therefore as you are planning your trips, consider our car hire services to solve all the transport problems and uncertainties.

The booking of the car hire services is scheduled in accordance to the client’s needs and demands. With a competent team and well trained drivers, visitors always guaranteed of getting the attractive and reliable car hire service offer in Uganda. The vehicles that are hired by our guests are always equipped with first class facilities to offer safety, comfort and convenience. Opting of car hire services in Uganda eases planning and offers the best transportation means to people seeking to explore distant places of interest in the different regions of Uganda.

Affordability and value for money is what we offer; no complaints, no excuses the quality is never compromised. This is your only chance to hire a vehicle from a well-established and reputable local firm. Do not pay any premium for quality and reliability because we are dependable car hire providers who are willing to give you a vehicle at your budget and help plan and customize the trip to suit your needs.

Safety is another important factor to consider before hiring a vehicle in Uganda and we offer vehicles which extremely in good conditions, regularly serviced and all time in speed limits. We take the safety of clients’ lives as priority!

Frequent breakdowns and unnecessary stop overs cause serious inconveniences so you need to look out for dependable car hire providers that won’t disappoint your dream trip.

We provide reliable support service as well and have a functional call center which is always available 24/7 for emergencies and breakdown assistance because as a reputable car Hire Company we are always upfront about contractual obligations. Our vehicles are also well covered with motor third party and comprehensive insurance policies to cover all liabilities.

If you want to explore Uganda and intending to cover long distances with a heavy luggage, then a 4*4 vehicle will be enough, they are perfect cars to drive easily and comfortably. These vehicles are spacious enough for your needs and has the capability to handle any terrain you are venturing into.

Travelers have to spare some money to cater for some other needs since money is a scarce resource. Therefore a car rental company has to make their clients fulfill their objective of saving some money that can cater for other travel needs by offering price friendly services.


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