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With everyone planning a trip to Africa and the fact that there are countless car rental companies widely distributed allover, it certainly becomes very challenging for one to make the best choice as nearly all of them offer the same service. But what makes us so special or the best in this sector? At the end of this article, if you are you have any plans to pay a visit to Uganda-East Africa for a vacation, you won’t have any worries of which car hire/rental company to deal with!

Remarkably, Uganda Car Rental is a dependable, trust worthy, reliable car Rental Company offering car hire services in Uganda and across border area to Rwanda. While looking for which car hire agency to deal/book that dream safari car for your road, first, honesty, trust worthiness, reliability are among a few key qualities a good car hire company must portray and we are glad, our long stay in this business has always been due to focus on such incredible qualities. For any bookings, simply check with our reservation and we shall get to you as soon as possible. It is our joy to see you smile at the end of day by availing you that dream safari vehicle for your road trip at a time you need.

Trust-for the long time that we have been in this business, we have managed to build trust from our clients making us a few best car rental companies in Uganda.

Our experience and professionalism in this field distinguishes us from a thousand car hire agencies/companies in Uganda. We have been in this business for long and because of this, we know what our client need and all that they do not need. Because of this, we always met visitors’ travel interests and we readily available at your service and you return when you are filled with lasting memories. Besides, our driver guides equally are very knowledgeable, professional, experienced and well-trained.

Besides lifetime experiences, our fleet of cars come in pocket friendly rates. Due to our competitive prices, we have always positioned ourselves as the best on the market. Our car hire rates cover all travelers’ interests whether you are a budget traveler, midrange or luxury traveler.

We have the best varied car rentals. What makes a road trip to your dream destination is usually that comfortable car and we have it for you. Our car rentals feature CD presets, phone adapters, FM radio, detailed roadmap, car information booklet, air conditioners a mention but a few thus offering you that total comfort that you desire in life. They are reliable, good fuel economy, capable of traversing through all kinds of terrains to your dream destination. Our values of services revolve around high quality, security and care. Our fleets range from family car rentals, corporate cars for hire to self-drive safari vehicles meaning we have you covered up. They include among others roof tent land cruisers, 4wheel drive Toyota Prado with sun-roof, Toyota rav4, Toyota land cruisers, super customs, coaster buses, hip sum a mention but a few. A side from this, our car rentals are always in better mechanical conditions thus guaranteeing you efficient road trip. Our car hire always go through mechanical check-up to ensure that they are well-maintained and in good condition for visitor road trips.

Conclusively, a number of factors make us exceptional from the rest of car rentals that offer the same car hire services. For lifetime road trips in Uganda or Rwanda, simply contact our reservation and we shall be of great to you this holiday.


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